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Kors Vodka Gold is a all handmade limited editions vodka with only 750 bottles produced. It is made out of the finest grains that were brought from 12 countries, water from the Italian Alps and distilled in our oldest distillery located in Finland.

It’s a combination of old diamond distillation recipe especially developed for The Tsar Nicholas II and revolutionary gold filtration technique. Real gold distillation tubes are used during the production, which makes Kors Gold the most exclusive vodka in the World.

Vodka is stored in handmade crystal bottle container with real gold details and sent in high end polished walnut box with gold details and silk & velvet interior.

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No. of bottles produced: 750 (1L each)

Distillation time per bottle: 110 hours

Distillery location: Finland

Distillery Age: 152 Years

Distilling process: Handmade

Water: Italian Alps Water (Dolomites Region)

Grains: Rye and Wheat from 12 countries, All hand selected (triple-checked)

Distillation I: 5 times using Tsar’s Diamond distillation technique

Distillation II: 3 times using Gold filtration technique

Secret: Special ingredient added to maximize smoothness and silkiness; Real gold tubes used during distillation process.



Material: Handmade Crystal Bottle

Decoration: Real Gold Details

Development time: Approximately 80 hours per each bottle



Packaging: All Handmade Chest Box (large)

Material: Walnut

Decoration I: Gold Emblem (exterior)

Decoration II: Personalized Plate With Vodka No. (interior)

Decoration III: Black Velvet Interior

Decoration IV: Black Silk (default), White (optional)



Without personalization: 14 Days

Personalization: 21 Days


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Gift Personalization: Yes

Gift Wrapping: Yes

Personalization: Personalized Interior Plate With Text or Logo Of Your Choice



International Express Air Shipping: Yes (default option)

Other Options: Private Jet/Helicopter Delivery (by request only, additional cost)



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ORDER SUMMARY (What’s In The Package):

Kors Vodka Gold: 1L

Crystal Bottle/Gold Decorations: 1x

Walnut Chest Box With Decorations: 1x

Total Weight: 9 kilograms / 20 pounds (lbs.)

Express Air Shipping: Yes

Membership: Kors Vodka Private Membership Card (sent separately)


PRICE: $16,500



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