Kors Vodka Taste


Vodka Perfection With A Touch Of Royal Tradition

Same tradition, same recipe and same taste for over a century that is how Kors Vodka is still distilled today. Once considered lost recipe for "Tsar's Vodka", diamond distillation, water from Italian Alps and hand-selected grains are some of the reasons Kors is the most exclusive vodka available on the market today.

Kors Vodka Distillery


Everything Exactly As It Was

Same distillation techniques as were used at the beginning of 20th century are still in use today. Extremely complex distillation process allows only a small quantity of Vodka to be produced each year. Only two more distilleries like this are operational in the World – one located in Finland and one in Italy. Both have been modified based on instructions of The Duke Paul Alexandrovich over a century ago.

Kors Water From Italian Alps


Because Only The Best Is Good Enough

Water samples from all over Europe were tested in order to achieve that perfect taste. At the end water from Italian Alps was selected as being that perfect ingredient they were looking for. Water from the same spring located just below the Alps is still used for production of Kors.

Vodka Grains From 12 Countries


All Hand Selected. All Perfect.

Kors Vodka is made out of Rye and Wheat. Like with all other ingredients everything must be perfect. Each year grains from 12 countries are brought to distilleries in Italy and Finland. Everything is hand selected so that the taste would be as smooth as possible. At the end only the finest grains are approved for production.

Kors Vodka Diamond Distillation Process


It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

When diamond distillation was first used over a century ago they didn’t know that they were on a verge of something truly extraordinary. The smoothness of taste achieved with this method is something no other technique can provide. But the quality doesn’t come without a price – this technique is unarguably the most expensive but the end results are simply staggering.

Gold Distillation Tubes


Real Gold For True Perfection

The tradition still continues with gold tubes that are one of the key elements needed for distillation of Kors. Some of the tubes are still the same used for production of "Tsar's Vodka" over a century ago.


It’s Where History Was Made And Taste Of Vodka Changed Forever

This is the only image of old Finnish Vodka distillery where original “Tsar’s Vodka” was produced. Although not known how many years the distillery is operational, we do know that Vodka batch intended for George V, The King Of England originated from here. The distillery was torn down during the Second World War, but luckily the recipe was saved and is still used for production of Kors Vodka today.

Distillery Kors Finland


Exquisite Taste Of Kors Is Only Available In Limited Editions

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