The Story Behind World's Most Exclusive Vodka

Named after a small batch of Vodka with cross symbols that was found in the middle of Finland. This legendary Vodka shipment was intended for George V, The King of England and was a gift from his cousin Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. The shipment never arrived to England and remained stored and untouched for almost a century.

Kors Vodka ® is known for its exceptional quality of Vodka which is distilled based on the recipe developed for the last Tsar of Russia – Nicholas II.

The word Kors is used in several European languages and translates to Cross in English.

The iconic trademark logo is combination of Cross and Grain.

Each Vodka produced is offered exclusively in limited editions and only to selected buyers who know how to appreciate World's greatest vodka drink.

Kors is the only brand offering private membership to every buyer as well as people interested in discovering new vodka flavors never before introduced to the public.

Our products are available for purchase exclusively through our online store or via brand ambassadors with extensive Kors Vodka knowledge.

Each bottle is labeled with individual number and linked to a specific client in order to maintain the highest level of exclusivity.

Kors Vodka Brand